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      I definitely experienced PMS alot worse after RAI!! Plus the period phase is
      extremely heavy for a full 7 days. Yuck! Unbearable tiredness too
      for a full two weeks.

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        i believe that the pms is def thyroid related……i never, ever, had this
        until after rai and hypo….NOW I TRUELY BELIEVE that this pms is actually
        peri meno……talked to an endo about that and he told me anything is poss
        —-he had an 18 yo girl who had rai and went into full menopause six mos
        later….he couldnt believe it and called some buddies at Mayo and they
        said rare but does happen…….all i know is that from 12-14 days before
        i experience symptoms that i would dare any man to live with!!!!!!I am just
        praying for meno—hopefully the hormones will then calm down and i will
        experience the ZEST that women talk about!!!!!

        How old are you lynne???

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