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      dear T. I was two mountain ranges from home and then a few hours north.
      I am two counties north of SF. Doc is in Santa Rosa. Next time I am at
      endo I will ask for his far ranging recommendations. He went to UC DAVIS
      for part of his training.

      Dear Juls, e-mailed and it got returned? I hate that, haven’t figured how to reclaim and resend letter without a lot
      of fuss. I clicked reply to you, so it wasn’t my typing ( that’s unusual) different address?

      Dear Cheryl…please e-mail me I have questions re survey response
      and my letter to you was returned too. (coggins)

      Bobbi, thanks for all the great posts…and I agree folks, move around,
      exercise. Maybe you get too overheated…gradual increases are
      best for these stunned bodies of ours, but keep building your capacity.
      Sometimes we draw inferences from seemingly paired circumstances that
      might not be direct corallaries. Best wishes all, Jeannette

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