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      I have taken PTU for years and never had a problem with my hair except when having radiation and surgeries. Since RAI in March, however, it is just impossible and my scalp itches to the point of being painful. The doctor did prescribe a shampoo, but my hair will not take color, a perm or do anything but stick out from my head (that’s what hair I have left, that is). The PTUs themselves never caused me any hair problems. I made an appointment to get it cut into whatever short cut they can devise for the directions it’s going in. Think you just have to wait it out.

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        I think the PTU has slipped me into hypo. I’ve been on it a year and had
        the dosage upped to 400mg in Oct. I think it is time to see how I do without
        it. I can understand hair going every which way tho. I currently have
        been growing it out (tho by now it should be almost to my butt. It seems
        to have stopped growing) and it usually just sits there anyway when I
        get it this long. The curse of having (at least used to having) baby fine,
        oily hair. I’m afraid to see what it would do if I tried to cut it. I
        don’t use perms (they never take) and I only color with henna. Hmmmm, maybe
        I should look at becoming a redhead again. Henna is good at conditioning
        the hair without it feeling icky (tho it doesn’t smell that great for the
        first day or so).

        Jean C

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          I too am having the “scarecrow” look. What is it? I have always had
          oily hair and I thought I would love dry hair. NOT. It also won’t hold

          DO NOT LAUGH at this part. — The hair on my arms looks like a
          scarecrow too ! A few days ago I was wearing a sundress and my
          daughter laughed herself sick when she saw the hair on my arms. I
          tried to plaster it down with sunscreen, but 20 minutes later it was wild
          again. It has gotten longer and thinner and sticks out in every direction.
          Go figure. Is it not bad enough to feel like doo-doo most of the time without looking bizarre as well?

          after my daughter finished her fit
          of laughing she said “I love you, Mom, but your hair looks like the little
          boy that got zapped on the electric fence from Jurassic Park. ” Leave it to kids to tell it like it is.


          Regards to all my fellow electric scarecrows.


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            switch places do i have to wear a dress
            in september have a great day.


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              I will not touch that one with a ten-foot pole!


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                  hey steve, from one advocate to another you may want to try to
                  get your old endo medical records to take to the new endo so she
                  can review what has been done and your current meds, etc. They may
                  want it in writing at the old endo so if it is not far drop it off
                  in person or give them the name of the endo and follow up to make
                  sure it has been mailed by Friday.

                  P.s.-the heart is doing okay, I am tired right now at work that afternoon
                  slump I could use a jump start, wanna switch places?? I just realized
                  that I am eating popcorn as I answered this. Oh well.

                  Talk to you later, dee

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