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      hi again,
      I also wanted to say that I don’t mean to sound so negative. I really don’t mean it to be and believe that most of us do well after RAI and the medication we’re put on. It’s just that I heard a similar time frame and my endo told me in just a few months I’d be right back to my pre-graves days and that was not the case at all. We planned a month long vacation about 4 months after my RAI. It was a trip that we were really looking forward to and my doctor assured me I’d be ready for. Well I wasn’t. Not by a long shot. I had gained 20 pounds and lost 50% of my hair and was depressed and exhausted from going hypothyroid so fast. It was a disaster vacation and I just wish someone would have been straight with me at the time. So that’s where I’m coming from here and it’s not to sound negative, just honest. I wish you the best and what the others have said here is true. Most of the posting are people with on-going problems or new. I only pop in once every few months now myself. There is life after a graves diagnosis and it’s almost always a normal one. You just have to go thru some yuck to get to it. :>)
      e-mail me anytime!

        Post count: 93172

        Hi! I am new to this page. I was diagnosed with graves 20 years ago.
        I took RAI 3 times, before it was under control, doctors told me
        that anywhere from 1-7 years thyroid would slow down. Exactly 7 years
        it did. I have taken blood test every 6 months, and doctors have adjusted
        dosage. This past year I developed pains in my bones. Doctors took test
        for arthritic and lupus, and said they couldn’t find anything.
        So I continued to complain, but got no answers. Then all of a sudden
        throid test showed very low levels. They had to increase the dosage
        to 3x the amount that I was taking. And then most of the pain stopped.
        So it is something that has to be watched for the rest of your life.
        There is no cure, sometimes it hyper, and sometimes it hypo, and sometimes
        it normal!

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