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      Hi Shortstack,
      The remembering does get better in time, I am no where near where I was just 4 mos. ago. Somedays are better than others, but I haven’t been at any place close to a normal level since before diagnosis.

      Hmmmm learning to laugh, well reading Andy’s posts on here helps :) (Thanks Andy, I still laugh over superman having GD) And I have met 2 other people locally that have taught me a lot about laughing. When we can laugh at ourselves and some of our *confusions* it lightens the thing at least for a short time.

      But the BIGGEST thing for me to learn, and it started right on here, and has progressed as I learn more and more, is LET GO OF ANGER. Shortstack that has helped me more than anything to alleviate stress, which truly does make all of our symptoms worse, and the worse they get the more stressed we get, a viscious circle…I got tired of being angry all of the time, angry because I have this disease, angry because my hubby doesn’t undestand it, angry with drs., with taking pills, with my kids. It just seemed I was so very angry all of the time. I made a conscious decision that I wasn’t going to live my life like that anymore, and one night when things were particularly bad, I gave it all to God. Literally, I said a prayer through my tears and told him I just couldn’t deal with all this anymore and I was giving it to him to take care of. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But it has helped…as long as when I try to take part of it back I stop myself. I can’t give it to him when I feel like crud and then take it back when I feel better…so he can have it.
      Don’t get me wrong, I still have bad days, I still have frustration and days when I want to scream. Now when they happen I try to do something for me, a warm bubblebath, a good movie, a nap…just something little to baby myself with. It has helped…and to laugh, I watch Drew Carey on Thursday nights…the show Whose Line Is It…One can not watch that show and not laugh :)

      It will get better, you just hang in here with the rest of us, vent when you need to, and keep learning. Look how much you have learned already in the short time you have been here :)


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