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      You have answered by questin – i was going to cook tonight – I took rai wed so forget it. My husband doesnt seem to get the whole thing.
      Graves and rai. He said something about going out to dinner last night and I looked at him like he was insane. (this was after the first day when he said i should where gloves around the house) when I said what if we sat next to someone who was pregnant? It seems like there are some other people whose husbands just dont get it. He said he was joking but i question that!
      My dr had prescribed valium at one point when my pulse was 100 at one
      visit. to take 5 mg 3/day as needed. I have pretty much just been using them to sleep – I’m afraid I’ll get too drugged up at work. I took 1 1/2 last night and got about 4 hrs sleep. this was prescrubed while I was on 3 beta blocker pills/day. This was also when her and my endo pretty much ganged up on me and said i really have to do the rai. My pulse is pretty much between the 72-80 range and blood pressure is looking good. I was taking 6 ptu pills/day (not sure what miligram but my primary said the usual dose was 3/day.

      I have had insomnia for years and panic attacks which I think now had a lot to do with graves. When I started the beta blockers I was immediately less prone to feeling “panicky”.

      If its not too personal how is your family reacting to this whole ordeal? Do they get it?

      thanks for your reply – by the way, I think a lot of people just dont get it.

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