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      Just an addendum to this discussion. My endo recommended I do PTU first
      because latest studies she read indicated a higher incidence of TED (I know
      what this means now) with RAI. Also, apparently, TED risks decrease if PUT
      is done prior to RAI. I’ll try to get more of the specifics, but I thought
      this was worth sharing.

      What are some symptoms of TED that I can watch for. I’ve always been quite
      sensitive to light (where sunglasses all the time while driving, for example).
      Also, I’ve noticed over the past several months, more eye irritation. Am
      I being neurotic??


        Post count: 93172

        The doctor you saw was clearly not a proponent of ATD’s. His math may be no better than his bedside manner, either.
        If ultimate remission rates ( ie, people years down the road are still in remission) were no better than 20%, than his negative prediction could be statistically true, although it would still say nothing about your actual situation. But, fortunately for you, your future statistical odds are much better than this MD suggests. If this doctor were a vet I bet he wouldn’t pet any of the animals, wouldn’t want to confuse them with kindness while he was busy convincing their owners how sick they are!
        By the way, one article I read suggests that overstimulating your quieted thyroid with unnecessary dietary iodine is possibly an overlooked factor in relapses. That would include RAI assays, of course. Seafoods, kelp, potassium iodide in health food preparations and red food dye were some of the mentioned sources.

        Hang in there in remission and I hope you don’t have to “remit” $ anything further for medical ‘help’ of this order.
        best wishes, Jeannette

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