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      Thanks for your reply. You have been throught alot with you eyes.
      Like I said to Bruce, I don’t like Prednisone. However it is effective
      and I think it is great if you don’t have to take it for too long. What
      I have read about taking it for extended time is that it can lead to a
      lot of things undesireable.
      I agree, about having a good day. Mary Ann and I went out to eat tonight
      with several friend one just started chemotherapy yesterday for breast
      cancer. She will have to have bone marrow. It could be worse. Anyway,
      I drank wine, which has caused my eyes to flare up (double vision) befor.
      In about an hour after dinner, there it was. I drove home with one eye
      closed in the dark. I really don’t like to do that. But the roads are
      straight, the traffic is light, and people are friendly out here in
      Oklahoma. At least sometime it seems that way.
      Thank All

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        jrg, my first endo increased my replacement hormone slowly also, and I remember telling him how sorry I was I had the RAI–because I went through just what you are describing. That period was a real nightmare in my life, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

        There are a few good reasons your endo might increase the replacement slowly. Some people are hypo only temporarily and then go hyper again, and people with certain health conditions such as heart problems need a slow increase.

        Certainly I hope you’ve been communicating with your doctor about how you’re feeling. I suggest that if you keep having those severe symptoms and your doctor still insists you raise the dose slowly and wait six weeks in between blood tests, ask if there is a good reason in your case to use that approach. If he can’t give you some convincing reasons, get s second opinion.

        Another approach I used successfully was to walk into the doctor’s office before the six weeks and tell the nurse how badly I was feeling. I always was able to either see the doctor or get a blood test that day.

        I know how miserable it is to feel like you are feeling, but this will be behind you soon and you will begin to heal from the effects of thyroid imbalance on your body–so hang in there, and email me if you need to talk about it more.

        Dianne W

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          I’ve regretted RAI since I had it 12 years ago. If I knew then what I know now I would never have chosen it. But I wasn’t told much except that I’d be fine. I was very young at that time and trusted my doctor so I didn’t pursue it. Even then I pointed out that I was doing OK on ATDs but I was told I couldn’t continue them (even though I had no adverse effects). I was very ignorant about this disease at that time and had never talked to another person with it until last year.

          I’m hoping that since all of us can be in contact with each other now, things might change. So many of the problems I’ve had, I see regularly in posts. Before I felt dismissed when I’d go to the doctor with obvious clinical symptoms. I even felt like I was unreasonable to expect to be well. But I was so different post-RAI than I was before Graves’ and even when I was on ATDs. Now, at least, I know it wasn’t just me.

          Was I kept hypothyroid for years? Yes. They know that now. But how many years did it take them to figure it out?

          Take care,


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            Hi JRG!

            Being a nurse, I am very concerned about your overall condition–especially the very severe constipation you describe. Something should be done about that right away, and you should call your Dr. because there is danger of a blocked bowel from an impaction.

            I found Dr. Ridha Arem’s book, The Thyroid Solution, to be helpful in understanding the needs of the thyroid patient, whether hyper or hypo. He usually treats patients who are hypo with a mood elevating drug, and his hyper patients with an anti-anxiety drug. I wish all of our Drs. understood the patient’s experience like he seems to do.

            You really do need help to feel better–keep trying. If your Dr. does not respond, look for another. As you can see by reading this bulletin board, people changing Drs. sometimes is necessary. First, your Dr. needs to understand your desperation, but start with the facts–like, “My last BM was 1/1. I’m having trouble with my vision. I sleep X hours per day. I have gained X amount of lbs. I have lost about 1/? of my hair. I feel I am severely depressed.”

            I am going to be praying for you to get the help you so greatly need! Keep us posted on what’s happening. You have many supporters here eager to know!

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              I had RAI 26 milli. a week ago I am having severe leg pain more in the upper legs. My throat is killing me when I cough I feel I’m coughing up my tonsils it hurts to eat even when I yawn. How long does this go on? My BP stays up but the doc says it should level off soon and didnt give me anything for that either at times I have bad chest pain last Sunday it was really bad and my bp was 160 over 117 but my heart rate was only 79 finally I begin to get a hold of myself and it did go down to 130 over 94 then my pulse was up, its all so wierd and scary I tell ya.
              God Bless

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