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      SAS: I’m 27. I’m under the impression that having an RAI will not
      affect me later on as far as having a normal pregency. Is that correct?

      I realize an RAI is probably the best option. I’m going to ask the doc
      a few more questions and maybe get it over within the next week.

      What can I expect after that? I’m also wondering if I should be on
      a beta blocker before I get the RAI. I read in some book that I
      would be more likely to go into a ‘thyroid storm’ if I’m not on it.

      I’m gradually becoming more educated about my situation. The
      whole thing is kindof scary if you ask me. The permanancy of
      the RAI I don’t particularly like. My doc wants to kill the entire
      gland. I however know I have no desire to be hyper again. I’m
      thinking the RAI would be the best in preventing becoming
      hyper again.

      Thanks for listening,

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