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      After the initial sting wore off yesterday from your post I had two thoughts. 1. Please God don’t let this person be a health care professional 2. There is a lot of pain between the lines of your post.

      In any case, no matter how I feel about another’s opinion, I am ultimately responsible for my own reaction. I would like to apoligize for my hasty response and I wish you well in your life and your walk with Graves. I hope that all of us on the board will be able to offer you support if you ever are unable to deal with any aspect of Graves without the help of others.

      To all of you of this board and to the wonderful professionals and friends who stood with me during the worst year of my life, offering me support and nonjudgmental listening, there are not enough ways to offer my gratitude. God IS evident in our lives in the way we handle our troubles and the way we reach out to others. I think we DO know Him better through suffering, but hopefully the suffering changes us and makes us a channel of His love and compassion. My best to you all. Valerie

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