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      Hi Catherine – didn’t have the net for a few days, but I’m back on
      thank heavens! The numbers I was given were FT4 was 6 and down to
      2 at the end of Dec; Tsh I don’t know at diagnosis, but is still
      suppressed at .02. I can see a huge difference in the past 2 weeks
      and wil be looking forward to learning what it’s all come down to
      now. I am bummed – had lost l5 lbs at diagnosis, and it’s just about
      all back on. Now, I’m worried if this is an omen as to weight gain –
      I have never had to worry before. Or is my body just becoming healthy
      once again? Guess I’ll find out! Also, I have heard that with
      different levels of Graves there is a possibility of remission through
      drugs, but mine was so raging that that probably won’t happen. Hope
      your’re feeling well.

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