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      Hi Mary,
      I’m sorry you haven’t had a good time of it for awhile. No one can appreciate what your going through better than yourself. I’ll gladly share my symptoms that used to plague me with you. First, I’m male, age 49
      I became aware that something was very wrong, inAugust 1991. My body began to shake, I sweat like crazy, was irrateable as hell, insomnia—-, you know the deal, I’m sure!
      My T-4 was 21, T-3 >470, TSH <.3 I was headed for interstellar orbit ! Did the I-131 and then all hell broke loose! Within a month I went hypo, and started the synthetic T-4 @ .025. Then it was, onward and upwards, untill I was taking .250 . Holy cow was that ever awfull!!!! My symtoms were unbearable, and I can stand alot, but I was going close to out of my damned mind!
      1.Feeling panic stricken
      3.extream fatigue
      4.exopthalmos, @ the limit of allowable protrusion, constant tearing, that burned the skin on my cheecks.
      5.Double vision when I look up or down, sill have this nice one for a life long pal!
      7.Severe Reflux
      8.Swelling, and extreame disscomfort of the large intestine.
      9.Peri orbital edema
      10.Scallded skin complexion
      11.retaining fluid, big time I was so puffed up!
      12.extream tenderness of testicles
      13.burning aching soles of feet.
      14.chronic bronchitis
      15.congestive heart failure
      16.fluid in lungs, had 4 bad infections, and pnumonia
      17.beginnings of kidney failure heart would fibrillate,arithias,skip several beats

      But now I’m completly straightened out, except for moderate exophtalmos.
      So dear Mary I have first hand experience with “ARMOUR” and I take 1grain,@ 7:a.m., and 1grain @ 3:00 p.m. a total of 2grains in a 24 hour cycle.
      I quickly learned that for me, on dose a day did not carry me through the day;I’d come down,and feel cold,headache,and shaky, so I soon figured out my clock, so to speak, and have been doing pretty near normal since Istarted taking this “OLDIE, but GOODIE”! You will too, just be a little patient for a few days. This stuff works really fast, so in a 3-4 day period, you should “be there”, on your dose, i.e. no 3weeks for the synthetic T-4 to slowly build up and reach a new level.
      Go get em Mary, and good luck! I’m pulling for ya!
      Regards, Leland


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        I must admit in the long time that i have been not feeling the way i used to ……i was must be stress, the kids, no money, your depressed, perimenopause, pms,
        anxiety, depression,,,,every thing except the kitchen sink……….

        I never had any of this before graves and after treatment………so why did i listen??
        i was battered down by drs……no its not your thyroid the levels are within normal range!! Well i am tired of the ups and downs and the walking around with headaches and feeling like i have the flu all the time….and the blue flu too–if you know what i mean….i dont know if you are a man or a woman…but i suspect that a man has a better chance of being listened to even as a thyroid patient…mano y mano you know…they know men dont complain or stop workin for nothing!!! but women are stressed….out….you know the story….and i for one am sick of it….

        i live in a large medical city and we are on the cuttin edge all right….feel like movin to the country dr areas that look at you as a person as a whole …not just their specialty….endo, rhematoid, neurology, psychology, immunology, osteo, ortho,
        HELL i will take a vet if he looks at me as a patient….how about a new one—
        patientology…we need some of them to get into that field…..listen and believe!!!

        only one dr over the phone from boston told me if i were his patient…he would put me on synthetic and natural….mostly synthetic with a drop of natural….works out to the same dose and he says he gets dramatic results……..all i know is that i have waited…maybe not so patiently…but waited none the less and this just aint workiN!! I printed out what you said to me and i hope you dont mind but i am going to take it to the office with me on Nov 6 and say please …batt my eye lashes….and have a little tear streamin down my eye….and ask him why not…will it kill me to try it?? what could i possibly experience that i havent experienced before.>> geez Tell me what were your symptoms that persisted that made you try natural?? How did you feel before and after?? I dont know …i swear sometimes i think i have waited so long that i may have done some irrepairable damage to my poor whittle brain and body!!!

        hey thanks for letting me vent….been havin a bad few days…darn weather…65 during the day….frost at night….the ups and downs yuck!!!

        mary p

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          Leland who told you to take your meds(A) twice a day? I have been on this(A)
          for about 5 wks now and take 2 grains in the a.m. asked endo and he said
          to take both at the some time. Pharm. instruction take 1 twice a day. I know that
          around 7 to 8 P.M. I am starting to get cold I mean freezing so much that
          I put on a quilted (or down filled) flannel shirt.
          Thanks Carole A

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            Carrol A.
            In my experience, I’ve learned that to maintain T-3 stabuility I must take my [A] @ 8 hr. interval, i.e. 7:00, and 3:00. This keeps me from the “CRASH AND BURN’ syndrome. I would start to notice, feeling quite cold, shacking, and mental confussion, when my T-3 would start to exhaust. I had a few TSH tests run @ 8 hrs. after my A.M. dose. the results showed that my TSH had gone up from 1.0 to 9.62 So after I sarted taking the 2nd. grain @ 3:00 p.m., My TSH stays in the 1.1-1.6 range now. I’m no longer going up, and down! Give it a try, your pharmacist seems to think it might be better, probably for these same reasons. Good luck.

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