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      hi jan,
      Sorry it has been a while for me to respond to your note.
      I don’t have a computer at home. So, unfortunately, my mother does
      not have the opp. to chat, herself (even the library computers are so
      hard to get a chance to work on).
      I’m working from my office computer – I just recently got linked to internet.
      So, its hard to steal some time away and scan this BB.
      Thank you for your response. My mother and I live in New Jersey in
      a small town called Bellmawr (about 5 minutes from Phila). Its sooooo
      comforting to hear from people who are experiencing what my mom
      is – and, best of all, offering advise. She just had some blood taken
      to see how things are progressing – she’ll find out next week. God,
      I hope she doesn’t have to go for pill #3. She seems to believe that
      she is going from Hyper to Hypo, given some recent changes. But
      the weight gain is still there.
      I believe nature has a lot to offer us, if we can only educate ourselves
      to what’s out there. I plan on visiting some vitamin/herb store to see
      what I can find….I don’t expect a miracle, just something that has the
      possibilty to “help” control the weight. She keeps up her exercises, so
      what can it hurt.

      As yourself, she has good and bad days. What # dosage are you on?
      I hope the next time I hear from you that you are doing well and almost
      over this hill. Talk to you soon.

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