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      Hi Paula,

      You wanted to see the light at the end of tunnel. I am sure
      there are a lot of people who get the RAI, take thyroid
      replacement medicine and are just fine after that. I was
      one of those people until I got the eye troubles. But for
      me even that is getting way better.

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      will take you to their site. And the page before this one
      has some neat reference sites and books.

      I kinda remember how I was feeling after I took the RAI in
      95. It did not seem that long until I was doing ok again.
      The key for me was acceptance. It took a while but I can
      accept where I am today having this disease.

      Michele B.

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        Hi Paula:

        I think that all of us have been where you are right now. I remeber
        when I was first diagnosed I was so sooo happy to actually put a
        name to my disease. I mean, before the diagnosis, I just thought
        that I was crazy or something akin. Then I was nuked, then a year
        later I was nuked again! It took awhile for me to feel “normal”
        and a little while longer to feel “good.” The point is, I never
        thought that I would be able to face a day without pain. I am
        feeling so good now that there are days when I don’t even think
        about the graves. Hang tight, it does get better!


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