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    When I was on PTU, due to a misunderstanding with my doctor, I took too
    much for about six weeks…or at least more than he wanted me to take.
    I was on beta blockers for heart symptoms, specifically was having chest
    pain. Saw doc about something else and he asked in passing how I was
    doing with the PTU. I was still having chest pains, so he told me to
    up my meds to four times/day instead of three. I increased both PTU
    *and* beta blockers. He noticed immediately when I had my next blood
    test and dropped me back to three times/day on the PTU. No harm done
    as far as I could tell except lowering my levels to low normal from
    mid-normal…maybe a little more tired than usual was all. Hope
    this helps.

    Sheila H.

    Post count: 93172

    I Glynis! I was on PTU for about 1 1/2 yrs. Most of that time I was taking 600 mgs a day, which
    is a total of 12 of those nasty little buggers, taken 3 x a day. I tried everything to try to remember
    whether I took them or not. What worked for me is a small container that I put all 12 of the pills
    in for the day, counting off 4 at 8 hr intervals. If I had a dime for every time I went back to that
    container and counted whether I’d taken the medication or not!! I really think its the PTU that causes
    the concentration problems. As for your question about accidentally not taking them or taking
    too much. Hey, we GD people are only human. There are times when I didn’t take all 12 pills, especially
    if your sick with a virus. I can’t say I ever took more medication than needed. Any way I hope I was some
    help. colleen

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