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      Okay, I’m totally clueless! :-) Again, I haven’t checked the BB for a couple of days and on 3/4/98 someone named Tom has posted a lengthy post railing me for not supporting research or some such thing. Huh? All I remember doing on the post to which he is responding is thanking Jake for his wonderful post and saying how much of a part this BB and the wonderful people on this BB played in my recovery. So what IS this guy talking about? Can someone please fill me in?

      He mentions stuff about Ron, who I have a great deal of respect for – he’s always bringing us tidbits about research and such. He also says this <<So, I recognize that your constitution/psyche cannot for one moment allow others, un-admonished and un-chastised, to pursue health and happiness beyond or outside of the pronouncements and imprimatures of the ESTABLISHMENT, but please allow the few, the minority, who have
      chosen the road not taken to report their experiences to those of us
      with Walter Mitty style musings…what a boring place you would have
      this board become.>> I’m wondering, hmmmm, I haven’t posted in a long time and I just cannot figure out where this guy is coming from! Those of you who know me know that I’m always encouraging people to do what they feel is *right* for them, so who is this guy and why does he think he “recognizes that my constitution/psyche” yadda, yadda….?

      I love research! I also like the tried and true, safe and sure…but obviously, since some think that going the anti-thyroid route is a gamble and feel that RAI is more “sure” then I’m not really the stick-in-the-mud that Tom-whoever seems to have decided.

      Anyway, I’ll be waiting with bated breathe :-) for someone to let me know where on earth this is coming from! Thanks.


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