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      Andrea: I’m going to wait on the PTU and hope for remission. My doctor’s seem to think
      that by the time my baby is a year old (April) I should be able to come off the PTU. I’m leaving
      RAI as an absolute last resort. At this point, I’d rather give anti-thyroid drugs a longer
      time to control things, even if it means ups and downs as far as feeling well. The permanency of
      RAI holds me back on it. Someone once told me that although they can try to kill off
      only part of your thyroid it is “like shooting a bazooka at a mosquito.” You just never know
      how much will be destroyed (or how little).

      I’ve had some majorly irritable periods. I don’t think I’ve had much trouble with
      fits of rage. Severe anxiety and panic were my big problems…waking up in the
      middle of the night feeling abject terror, my thoughts racing so face I was sure
      I was going insane. I couldn’t concentrate. When I read aloud, my mind went faster
      than my mouth and I either stuttered or said the words all out of order. That’s why clinging to
      2 Timothy 1:7 was so very important to me. That and “He will keep him in perfect peace
      whose mind is stayed on Him.” Gradually, these symptoms were receding while on the PTU,
      but the Inderal has helped dramatically and I feel human again (most of the time)!

      In January I go to first my Internist, then my Endo. I’m sure more bloodwork is
      on order, but I might beg for just a little more PTU to push things along the way. I
      e-mailed my Endo and hinted, but he seems to think that I can wait. Patience has never
      been one of my best virtues and this disease has taught me a bit more about that than I cared
      to learn! (Not something I pray for either, as things tend to happen to MAKE me patient).

      What have been your most problematic symptoms? What was your time on anti-thyroid meds like?


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