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    I’m originally from Maine. I just got back from visiting my mom in Bangor, Maine.
    When I first had my RAI treatment I thought that after a month or so everything would
    be back to normal. Boy, was I dumb! It’s been 7 months and there was talk of a second treatment!
    I decided “no second treatment” until I’m better informed on RAI treatment and the current
    and long-range effects of it. Since then my levels have gone real (below 3.0 range) and I was
    a real sick puppy from that. So they put me on Synthyroid, so i’m taking that one day at a time.
    I’m not far from the Hershey Medical Center where they have a great medical library. I researched
    what vitamin deficiency a person might have from Grave’s Disease and from the RAI treatment, So I’m
    currently taking a Vitamin B-Complex, beta cartene, antioxidant (to ward off effects of RAI treatment)
    magnesium, manganese, zinc and St. John’s Wort (for depression). Sound like alot doesn’t it, hey but
    I’m desperate and really tired of getting the run-around from doctors about this disease. I’m the only
    one employed in my family and I have four boys and I’ve found it extremely difficult to keep working but
    I have to. thank god you don’t have problems with your eyes. Some of the people on line have had surgeries
    and I pray it doesn’t come down to that for me. I guess that’s why I bought this darn industrial juicer
    I’ll probably turn into a rabbit from drinking so much veg and carrot juice, but if it works, Horray!
    Oh, after the RAI treatment I gained 30 lbs. I go from skinny size 8 to size 14. So, kind of watch what
    you eat. hope to hear from you soon. colleen

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