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      Thanks for your response. I, too, plan on taking the drug route if I relapse…at least for awhile. Good luck!

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        Let me know how you’re doing with the medicine. I was so happy to hear from you at last, I thought that you no doubt were inundated at work, which I know you are, & that I might not hear from you till the holidays were over. We used to have a large restaurant an d I dreaded the Christmas season because it meant day after day of long and stressful hours, worry that one party would leave on time for the next Christmas party to come in, cuminating with New Years Eve. But we had to do it because the bills were due in January when noone came to eat out. Here’s a tip…if you have a restaurant that you would like to try but they’re always too busy, go in January…But I don’t know if your business has a quiet season. I got a week or so of rest every January for 15 years, but those 90 hour weeks took their toll. I always thought that I wouldn’t have had toximia when I was pregnant with my son if I hadn’t been driven like that. Of course, when your name is on the mortgage, and failure is not an option, you do what you must. In our case, I closed the restaurant when mom got dangerously ill with a kidney infection. The doc said at that time, that she wouldn’t make it if she continued to be under such stress. I miss the restaurant, don’t miss the stress of those years, BUT, I think that I use those years as a benchmark of how much stress I can handle…which resulted in me believing that if it is less than the restuarant stress, then I can handle it. This is not true, because I am now in the elite group of GD sufferers for whom stress is a huge causative factor. Just reducing stress is good, but recognizing after you’ve reduced stress if you’ve reduced it enough is a REAL gift. I went 5 years without more than a day off at a time during the restaurant years, and my good friend invited me to her home for 5 days: I arrived from out of state at about dinner time, and she met me at the door, took my bag, her husband took my son and his bag, and he started the two boys (age 8) playing together, while my friend pushed me into her bathroom and said, “you’re not allowed to come out for one hour. Do anything you want in there, there are different bubble bath flawors, and my makeup drawer is full of things to play with. I’m going to fix dinner while you are in there.” It was brilliant on her part. After I had a bath, painted my toenails, tried wild makeup and her perfume, I came out relaxed and then she gave me the tour of her house, I checked on the boys and then we ate a dinner of chili. Next day she said, oh I hope you don’t mind, but I scheduled a massage for both of us at 10 o’clock, I hope you don’t mind. Now, just thinking of this makes me warm and fuzzy.
        Don’t want to take up more of your time with memories. Thinking about you, and I see you strong and smiling, combing your long hair and wearing your new Christmas slippers.


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