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      I was diagnosed with GD in January of 1994 at the age of 30.
      I was taking up to 30mg per day to bring my thyroid under control.
      Because my thyroid was considered to be grossly overactive, my endo
      at that time recommended RAI. Despite his recommendation, I opted
      for ATD (tapazole). Since that time I have gone into remission for a
      3 month time period. Soon after the three months off of ATD, my blood
      levels started to climb again. Since that time, I have been able to
      maintain my blood levels on 15mg of ATD per week. My new endo still
      left the RAI option open, but also realizes that the levels of tapazole
      that I am taking are very low. In my opinion, to take the “Drink”
      at this point would be like using an elephant gun to kill a mouse. In
      my situation, RAI would be the absolute last resort. I have shown
      no ill effects from the tapazole, although many of the people on this
      bulletin board have. Every situation is different, just keep an open
      mind. As far as sex drive goes, that was never a problem for me and
      I’m not aware of any research indicating that this is a side effect.
      My wife, like yours, would often joke about my hormones, but was
      also very sensitive to what I was going through with mood swings etc.
      For once, there was something that we both could relate to.

      Best of luck,


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