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      Hi Colleen,

      I had a myelogram done in ’96. It doesn’t hurt – just uncomfortable.
      Afterwards you have to keep your head no higher than 10-30 degrees
      above your body. It just means laying in bed for about 8 hours. You
      can get a spinal headache if you don’t and a spinal headache is just
      the worst! There are things they can do for that, though, like a
      caffein IV or a blood patch.

      Good luck.

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        I ruptured a disk in my back and they wanted a myelogram to see how
        extensive the damage was and exactly which way it had ruptured. It’s
        amazing how much they can tell! I had surgery to remove the disk stuff
        and repair the damage the very next day. Doing fine from that now.

        All it is is a radioactive dye that really shows up on x-rays. They
        injected directly into the spinal column (kind of like a spinal tap).
        It felt cold, but didn’t hurt.

        Best of luck.

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          Hi Colleen,

          I had back surgery in April of ’96 and it was the best thing I’d ever
          done. I don’t have arthritis or your other problems – mine was a
          ruptured disk. If I hadn’t had surgery right away, I would have had
          permanent damage and permanent pain. So….don’t be afraid of back
          surgery. One word of caution though – the spine is where all the
          nerves are and is not just bones. I had a neurosurgeon do mine.
          I’ve referred other people to him and he does not always recommend
          surgery. You might want to think about having a neurosurgeon check
          you out.


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