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      Hi Colleen,
      I have never passed out from a migraine headache, but I guess it wouldn’t
      be impossible. I started having migraines when I was about 14 years old (my
      mother also has them). Up until last year, I had the headaches very
      infrequently (maybe one every 3-4 years). The headaches that I have
      exhibit all the classical symptoms of migraines. First I have photophobia,
      followed by loss of parts of the visual field, flashing lights, and nausea.
      Then the headache begins. In my case, it feels like someone is sticking a
      knife into my head just behind my right eyeball. What you describe (pain
      in the area of your front teeth) sounds more like a sinus headache.
      Regardless, it’s too bad your endo is so cavalier about your symptoms.
      Also, I don’t think 100 micrograms of synthroid is a high dose (I take
      150). At any rate, it certainly won’t hurt to get your hormone levels
      checked, especially if you haven’t had them monitored for a while. Do you
      also have Graves’ eye disease? A friend of mine with GD told me that he
      first noticed that something was wrong when his eyes started doing funny
      things while he was driving at night. Maybe you’re having the first
      symptoms of the eye disease. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon, and I’m
      glad you’re getting your TSH levels checked.

        Post count: 93172

        Well, everyone, I had my RAI this morning. I was really nervous. I’m not
        really sure why. I think it was the fact that I had to go into a little,
        locked room, and drink something that was kept behind a barrier in a lead
        container. ;) It went well, I guess. I just wish it was more of an instant
        gratification kind of treatment. Oh well. At least I was able to eat a
        bagel and saimin today, instead of just ricecakes…

        Thanks to everyone for all the stories and encouragement. I hope this treat-
        ment works.

        BTW, I’m a smoker, too. I was forced to quit a couple of months ago when my
        GD made me so sick I couldn’t handle them anymore. I don’t know if I will
        stay quit. I want to, but who knows? I know that as long as the support
        from my family stays the same and I still desire to stay quit, I will.


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