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      Really haven’t asked the doc about chances of staying in remission since I never had a real serious thyroid problem. Guess I take it for granted that those problems are over now! I do get regular checks on the levels tho.

      I have had most of the other symptoms from racing heart (thyroid normal) emotional problems, upper body aching, feeling like hell, etc etc.

      Although my eyes were super bad ( I was almost blind ), they have gone back in my head pretty good now and the vision is good except for dang double vision. I will be having surgery soon for that.

      Later! Bruce

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        Well it’s a very hard disease to control in many people.
        those of you who are lucky enough to know long stages
        of remission sure are blessed!!

        We who continue our daily suffering and/or struggling
        would love to know that there is light at the end of this
        OH..too long tunnel!

        The only thing we can do for now is to be SUPPORTIVE
        to all that are in need and hope the POWERS to be will
        save us from becoming walking radioactive waste..:)

        Take care!

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          Hi my name is Deanna ,
          I stumbled on to your group by accident at work one day and I felt so much better knowing that there are others out there going through the same thing.
          I was diagnosed about 2 1/2 years ago maybe 3 I have been on tapazol and synthroid for most of that time this Oct. I was taken off both to see if my thyroid will act normal so far my tests have come back normal.
          I get tested every 6 wks. my eyes do sometimes look bigger ,and I get the shaking hands once in a while my hair is thinner .My doctor wanted to take my thyroid out or have me drink the the radio active cocktail when he first diagnosed me
          I said no I aksed what the chances were that my thyroid would go back to normal after takeing the medicine he said there was a 10 to20 % chance it would work so all this time I have been saying to my self that I the 10 to 20%
          I’m thinking positive and so far so good the graves was asleep before I stopped the medicine I go back to the lab this Friday to see if its still normal and continue doing that for the next 3 months.
          From the beginning I was determined to beat this thing and still am . It’s nice to know that you are all there andnot just a bunch of numbers and statistics that the Dr. gives you I thought I was alone for a long time till I found you last month.
          I believe remission is possible .
          Deanna in Wishon

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            Welcome Deanna!

            Be sure you have an Ophthalmologist keeping track of your eyes if you are noticing anything at all with them. The eye disease has nothing to do with the condition of the thyroid so must be treated separately.


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