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      Looks like you got a lot of positive resposnes, but figured one more
      wouldn’t hurt.

      I had RAI almost 2 years ago. Until my eye problems started, I would
      have told you it was an absolute miracle. I started getting better in
      about 2 weeks. I had been absolutely miserable and it took care of
      everything. I went hypo pretty quickly, was put on Synthroid and have
      had no problems.

      Since last summer I have been having eye problems. It’s no fun. I guess
      there is some thought that RAI may increase the eye problems. My guess is
      it’s just one more aspect of the disease and not caused by RAI, but I’m
      not a dr. and maybe I prefer to think I didn’t make my problem worse.

      Anyway, for me, the only thing I would worry about with RAI is if I
      thought I was creating the eye problem. Otherwise, it really took care
      of the problem for me. Good luck in your decision.

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