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      yep, I had RAI a year ago. I felt it was best for me. I researched it and got alot of info from the thyroid foundations out there. I still believe it’s the best way to go….for me anyway. Any specific questions that you’re looking for answers to?

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        I am interested in hearing from anyone who has had radioactive iodine treatment for GD. I am scheduled for the treatment on January 10th, and am not sure that this is the way to go.

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          I had the procedure done in 1994. I now need to take synthroid versus
          tapazol before the procedure. I tolerate the synthroid better. The worst
          part for me was that I went very, very hyperthyroid (thyroid storm)
          after the radioactive iodine treatment. Awfully uncomfortable for several
          weeks. I was then put back on tapazol to bring me down and I overshot
          and went hypothyroid. In other words, it took a while to get balanced.
          I have had to adjust (increase) the amount of synthroid I take a couple
          of time the last year. I gather this is normal. Still get cramps
          and muscle soreness when I’m hypo and in need of a synthroid adjustment.
          The bottom line is that the radioactive iodine treatment was the right
          course for me.

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            i’m in the same boat and am looking at it from the other side. had 21.9 or
            31.9 millicuries of radioactive iosotopes a week ago friday. see my endo
            this week so i’ll be tell you what what then. have had panic attacks recently. have had problems talking. have been spacey…. seems like there are lots of us out here.

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