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      Hi Karen,

      I wish we would get more spouses and family members to post and read this site. This site is for the support and education of people with Graves’ AND their families. It is hard to see your loved ones go through hard times and try to help.

      Some days no matter how hard you try we will get mad at you.

      Try anyway!

      Some days it will be hard to love us for the things we do or say.

      Love us anyway!

      Some days it will be hard to forgive us for the way we act.

      Forgive us anyway!

      That does not mean that it gives us the right to act that way. We need to be held responsible for our actions. Love us, forgive us but you do not have to accept abuse by us.

      Familes and loved ones make a person whole. We are only a click away.

      On-line Facilitator

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