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      Shannon have you ever had carpel Tunnel syndrome? GD can make lots of generalized
      muscle weak/atrophy/pain type symptoms(which many of you report) Tingling hasn’t been a common dsecription,
      but history of carpel tunnel ( which is tingling) seesm to be a fairly common occurance.
      But then, this is a group of folks who use computers. Drawing inferences isn’t hard…it is just drawing the right and helpful inferences that is hard.
      Anyway, are you taking enough B-6…dirueretic…drink lots of water
      and be sure and tell your doctor. I have awful burning arm pain, one shoulder and endo says it may or may not be fully related to GD.
      going to an orthopedist in two days.

      By the way, I asked my endo about those of you who got rashes on an
      antithyroid. He said that some rashes are worth “toughing out” They
      may go away. They don’t mean you are having all the other possible
      problems. If too much to be “toughed out”, then you can try other kind
      of antithyroid med.

      Re: Jake, I too appreciate Jake, and all he does, but I take Jake to be
      making a larger point. Keeping this forum focused on Grave’s disease
      certainly would include the transpersonal, the inner being support,
      at some level, but I take Jakes point to be that if he specifies a
      particular tradition, way, etc, or gets into politics, etc., then so
      might any and everyone else. That might be allright but it might be
      hard to find time to get through it to the specific info on graves then.
      We could wind up being a politics religion BB. We could even get into
      “equal time” squabbles,You talked about yours, listen to mine. I think
      a reason it hasn’t been a problem is that this group does seek to
      manifest respect in supportive fashion. Maybe Jake set the intial tone
      in that regard? I have seen exchanges on other health related boards
      that have made me cringe. So, I am going to assume that there are totally
      unique and fascinating things about each of you including your world
      view and eternal direction soundings, most of which I will never learn
      about you, but I appreciate you and value how we can help each other to
      war against this disease but never against each other.

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