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      I have gained 45 pounds since October 1995. The only advice people on this bulletin board give me is to
      follow a good nutrition plan like the American Diabetes Association plan or American Heart Association
      plan. And also, EXERCISE and drink your water. I am starting to lose VERY SLOW. I know it is so very
      difficult to do things if your depressed. I was very depressed ALL SUMMER, but once I was regulated
      on my synthroid it made a big difference. As I understand from others in the same boat we are, there
      is NO MAGIC CURE to lose weight, it is a slow laboring process.

      I am only 5 ft tall and I weigh 195 lbs. I was a 145 – 150 thats still chubby, but not obese.

      Graves disease is hereditary in my family….it was by pure accident that my doctor discovered it
      very early. January 17, 1996, I did the radio active iodine capsules and by April I was hypothyroid
      and by October I was regulated on my synthroid. I have blood test every 3 months to make sure I
      am on target.

      I have visited Ventura, CA many times, my brother lives there.

      Good Luck Tina, please keep in touch.

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