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    I Erica, what area of the country are you from. I just put a message out to John about thryroid Storm.
    I wasn’t sure if you had been diagnosed with GD before Thryroid Storm? I know I didn’t have a clue. I
    was begging doctors and eye doctors all over the place to listen to me. By the time I went into the hospital
    my heart rate was over 190 and stopped a few times. If you have ever seen the movie “ERASER” with Arnold
    Swartzanegger there’s a funny part in the movie where this guy faked a heart attack and the funny part was when
    he was throwing the paddles at one of the large nurses when she was mistakenly trying to jump start his heart.
    it just struck me a certain way and i couldn’t help but laugh. Are you on synthryroid yet and if you are how
    high is the dosage. Still on beta blockers 3 x day. i think they make you real tired. let me know how you
    are doing. Don’t forget to watch “ERASER”. HA HA.

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