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      Thank you so much for that beautiful message. I have been going through the poor me syndrome for a long time now…(driving my family crazy etc. etc. etc…) My toughest times are during the day when my husband is at work and the kids are at school. I get so frustrated…I feel like I am letting everybody down (I should be out there working also) but I can’t. I have an aunt who is dying of breast cancer…she never complains…she just keeps rolling with the punches. She can’t get out of bed…but she always has a smile. Her inner strength just astounds me…I actually find myself envying her. She never thinks of herself as a victim..and she has been through a hell of a lot more than me! I have printed off your message and have put it on my refrigerator…when I get the poor me blues I am going to read it over and over. It is messages like yours Jake that gives me the strength to keep fighting. I pray that during this holiday season that we all find some inner peace amongst the storm our bodies are going through…and may we always keep giving each other the strength to keep fighting! Pam In Iowa (Warrior)

        Post count: 93172

        Hi Jake-
        Your message touched me. Earlier today I was kind of down and
        had lost perspective on what is important today. Your message touched
        me for two reasons: one because of the “hidden” identity that you grew
        up with and for the lessons of life that you learned from your Dad.

        Yesterday I was speaking with my brother-in-law regarding his ties with
        his Mic Mac tribe. He said he grew up as a “white” person. Therefor,
        not learning the customs that mean so much to his tribe. It wasn’t
        until a few years ago that this changed. His Mother was reunited with
        relatives that are now teaching her their ways. She is now busy on her
        quest to learn their customs.

        No matter who our ancestries are, we all have stories and teachings. I
        was taught that we are faced with all things – good and bad – so that we
        can grow spiritually and fulfill our destiny. I have been faced
        with many hardships and disaapointments too ,however, I have learned
        from these experiences. My Afi (Icelandic for Grandfather) thaught me
        that we must have balance in our lives and that we exist to give love to
        each other. We get so busy achieving and getting “things” that we forget
        what really matters. GD has forced me to slow down and ,therefore, has
        allowed me put my life in perspective. I forget sometimes to remember
        and appreciate the joy I have in my life. My wonderful husband, family,
        friends and puppy are what make my life meaningful.

        May you be surrounded by love and peace. Thanks for the message, Diane

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