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      For all those who forget. The GD foundation did a study with Dr Arthur
      Prange at the University of North Carolina on mental functioning.
      There is video tapes on it that your can order from national headquarters.

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        I get those horrible feels-like-I-just-stuck-my-finger-in-a-light-socket tingles through my body when I’m startled by a sound. It was much worse when I was really hyper but it still bothers me. We have ads on our radio station from the Police where they play a siren really loud. When you’re in your car and you hear this you automatically put your foot on the brake. “Pretty sneeky”, I thought. The first time I heard it I started to pull to the side of the road while craneing my neck to see where the flashing lights were…..DUH!
        I love those stories of “The time I forgot……..”. I’m going to show them to my boyfriend. Hopefully it will buy me some forgiveness. Two weeks holiday in Australia last month and I misplaced my credit card and a pair of prescription glasses and a chronic case of “Where are my sunglasses?” going back into the store, drycleaners, bathroom or restaurant we were just in only to find they were in my POCKET each time.

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          Greetings and Peace to you all,

          It has been awhile since I have done one of these thoughts at large so
          here is!!!

          E-mail, please feel free to e-mail me, Nancy P, Joan R, Dianne N or Bruce W,
          with questions. I will get back to as soon as I can. Sometimes your
          questions make me have to do some checking so it takes time. We are here
          to educate and serve you.

          If you see a great link that we need send us a note. We are looking at
          one right now from a eye doc in Alberta that is excellent!!! We will add
          his lecture (complete with xrays, CAT scans, eye pics) after we are done
          reviewing it and he says it is OK to put it on here.

          Depression!?!?! Life with GD can be hard. I have found a mild antidepressant
          helps. I have also found out through stress counseling to try to not let
          people get under my skin if I can’t change the way they are. I work with a
          guy who is a HUGH a@@hole. I used to get really upset and it would get my
          adrenelin up and running and I would be a basket case all day. Now I listen
          to him (think to my self, that he is an a@@hole and porbable will be one
          tomorrow and next keek and next month and next year) and don’t get worked up
          any more because I don’t let him bother me and I go home and have a good night
          with the family. It really does help to think more posative.

          Find time to do what you like to do at least half an hour a day. Read, play
          flute, do needle point, meditate, fish. do something!!!

          Tell your family that you love them and your friends too. We can’t hear it often
          enough. This is really important when we get in or GD moods and our family wants
          to throw us out with the bath water.

          Adopt a pet if you don’t have one. Humans are the only species that will bring
          another life form into their homes and feed it and take care of it just for the
          sake of loving it and having it love you in return. We have two dogs, a cat and a
          snake. They love us unconditionally (don’t know about the snake the damn thing
          never blinks. It is hard to love something that never blinks).

          Read the BB and help someone out who is having a rough day. When my dad
          was dying and I put my notes on the BB I know I looked forward to reading good
          thoughts form folks every day. It is a little boost. If you are having a bad
          day and see someone on the BB who is having a worse day than you drop a note.
          Drop a note on the good days to so folks can seee there are good days too.

          Well enough for now from me. My Grandfather give you good dreams.

          I wish you peace
          Jake (Achgook)

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