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      Yes, it is possible that I am going hypo. As a matter of fact that is what my last T3 said…and doc has had me on THR (yes-thyroid hormone replacement) for about a month. I know that it takes time for the side effects to go away…BUT–like you, endo is saying it is NOT the thyroid. So, I am very confused.
      Thank you so much for your reply. I experience all those same symptoms that you do/did. Only mine aren’t going away with hormone treatment. I don’t know what doc to go to for what anymore. Am still having tests done from neurologist so maybe something will turn up. If not, just like you, and they don’t find a reason…I’m sorry, but I can’t live like this…if there is no reason, then there is no treatment. And I will not accept that. I will keep searching for a doc to give me SOME kind of answer, or at least TRY some kind of treatment. We don’t feel like this for no reason.
      I am only 26 and feel a sickly 90!!! As far as any type of physical activity are concered. I have lived and dealt with thyroid probs for last 9 yrs. and have had NO relief…IF, that is even the problem at hand still.
      Please don’t think I am attacking you, I appreciate your reply, and it makes me feel better to know that someone else out there has been through this, it just makes me so upset that these docs act like they can just say…oh-sorry, can’t find anything and then send you on your way to deal with it. I am currently NOT working because of this and need some kind of relief or I will not be able to return.
      Thanks again :)
      P.S. I also had episodes of this when was hyper…and had seizure-like symptoms(that is what GP called them after doing tests and not finding anything) on a few occasions…so, who knows…???

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        Hi All,
        About all these symptoms that are “not the thyroid”. Well they probably are no longer “the thyroid” if you’ve had it removed or RAI. But the in my opinion are the results of all the excessive thyroid hormone circulating for so long in our systems. Not to mention when we go hypo and don’t have enough.
        Even if we have been treated and are on thyroid replacing hormone, we still have to recover from what happened to our bodies. This takes time. And it may take quite awhile to find the hormone replacement level we are comfortable at. So i say , don’t let these doctors make you feel you can’t trust your feelings. Graves disease does that enough without a doctor making it worse. Much of thetime , doctors honestly don’r know the answers. THey don’t like not knowing, but that’s the way it is.
        Someone has said in previous posts to make a written diary of what you are experiencing and when. Also i think a written diary of when you are feeling good. We need to know what our levels are at when we feel good.
        Then armed with this information, we can talk to our doctors. If they won’t listen then it may be time to look for another doctor.
        Hope this helps.
        Virginia In Mn

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          I had low White blood count too, when I started on the tapazole. I had RAI in DEC 99 and WBC has returned to normal range.


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