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      My, my…what an interesting batch of e-mail I’ve had lately! :>)
      I never intended for this to be such a touchy subject! I just want to say that to imply I have no religious beliefs is simple not correct. But my beliefs are not the point.
      I never meant to sound as though I was intolerant of Paul’s beliefs. My point was that I heard a certain exclusion in his response that I find a little dangerous. I know people don’t mean to be insensitive. When I get “Merry Christmas” cards this time of year, I always assume that the person who sent it had their heart in the right place.
      But there is a little arrogance in someone praying that I “find” his religion. I would never ask Paul to give me his blessing that I pray that he abandon his religion and “find” mine. I just don’t want anyone left out. This bb means alot to me and I just wasn’t liking the whole religious tone of it. And yes it’s true, this is America and we can say whatever we want. But is this really the place for all this?
      I say let’s just put this whole thing to rest. I’m not debating this anymore. Especially at such a holy time of year, let us all show tolerance for all beliefs.
      Happy Holidays!

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