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      This computer stuff is great ! Thanks Paul for speaking for my husband ,and to all who can explain to him what is happening to me .I have been hiding out from the constables office since Monday because my husband had a mental health warrent out for me to be locked up for 72 hours observation.We have been married for a little over 18 months.The joyful ,energetic ,creative woman that he married has turned into a screaming ,verbally abusive ,intolerant ETC ETC person.It has seemed to accelerate the past six or seven months .When I first began to notice the mental instability I was also beginning to experience heat intolerance and sweats and assumed that at my age-46-that I was premenopausel and got on hormones. Nine months later Iwas shaking so badly that I was unable to do my work,I was in a constant state of rage,I was clumsy ,rum dum and still sweating like a pig.I went back to the Dr.and he notices this egg sized goiter and orders blood workand the Graves was diagnosed .For financial reasons I am being treated at public health and am being treated in thier standard manner,so I dont feel I have many treatment options,and that kindof scares me .Anyway,they kindof tossed some medicine at me until they could do more testsAnd during the first week I felt so graceful and peaceful and Icaught myself singing and it broke my heart because Ihad forgotten the woman I used to be .Now, at the most hopeful time in the past year my husband has run out of patience.So these letters to you ,Paul, will be passed on to him.We dont ever want to hurt you guys .We just lash out because we arent ourselves.Wait for the miracle..

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