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      Hi Pamela…Your story is greatly appreciated by me at present. My eyes are the most bothersome part of this disease…Acyually, I feel generally awfyl right now…I was diagnosed June22, had my atomic dose 6/28, still hyper weeks later, but now I feel like I’m crashing, emotionally, physically, all around I feel pretty non-functional. I will have my labs repeated soon and see an endocrinologist later this month. The wait is becoming unbearable. This endocrinologist comes to our area from San Francisco, a woman, Dr. Anne Meyers. I’m looking forward to a woman’s sensitivity about this disease and the emotional components. So far, the 2 males I’ve seen, 1 opthamologist, 1 internal medicine , well, the experiences with them have been only added stress, long waits to be seen, only after 3 hours to be told the doctor was at the hospital and it was uncertain if he’d return…Sure, it happens, but even when I was seen, it was brief and unsympathetic. Anyway, your story perked me up and I thank you for it…
      Having a bad day, Rachel

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