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      Hi Debby, Thanks for your words. I often think of you after reading your home page. You feel you know the person! I hope you weather is better now. I love the snow but enough is enough. I also thought of you when we got a new dog. A one and a half year old Minature Dachshund. She is so cute. She came from a home where she was mistreated but she is getting so much love from the two of us and she has turned into a beautiful little member of our family. The treatments I am going in for in the next week are the Orbital Irradiation and apparently they don’t take long and I don’t think there is any talking involved. However, Ron my husband, has been a total support and help through this whole thing. As a matter of fact he is in the kitchen making dinner now. I am very lucky. You are right. He asks the questions that I was going to but forget. There seems to be so much talk going back and forth, especially when there is more than one Doctor, I often forget questions even when I write them down. I also get so up tight with what they are saying that my mind goes a bit blank as if that’s not me they are talking about. I go on Tuesday to the Cancer Clinic here in Vancouver for my first interview and then they set up appointments. I only hope it works. Today walking Bridgette, our dog, I get nervous even crossing the street because of my watery eyes and double vision. Anyway tomorrow is another day! Thanks SAS

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