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      Hello people, Thank you all who expressed good wishes the other night, I have good news.
      I held off on doing the antibiotics for the thumb infection, while the endo checked my
      complete blood count. It came back fine! In the meantime I was highly motivated to help the thumb
      heal and kept it splinted, except for when elevated and heated. It must have been a rose thorn
      poke. I was really sad to think they might have to take me off Tapazole.

      What I learned from this was…I had an infection…went to the GP who
      thought nothing of putting me on antibios. I said, what about my Tapazole?
      He said, ask the pharmacists. I said, I’ll call my endo. The endo said…yikes!
      Why hasn’t your body fought this infection, go straight to the lab and get your blood checked.
      So, although it seemed like a little thing to me, I should have called the endo.

      By the way, in subsequent phone calls that had me dealing with his assistant and the receptionist,
      I was very assured with their handing of things. Here is a model for you all to share with
      your doc’s office. I tell my long convoluted message to the
      receptionist, she then asks , can I read this back and be sure this
      is everything you want him to know? You bet! And here is when he
      will receive the message and here is when he is likely to call you back!
      Don’t give up on being treated right. It is possible. best regards to you all, JEANNETTE

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