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      Dear Dan,
      I think your doctor is concerned for you. Lucky you, a doc who will see you
      through anti-thyroid drugs, which just may allow you to go into remission while you
      are protected from the ravages of the attacked, confused thyroid.
      You may have a functional healthy thyroid when the treatment ends…and that will
      be good for your sex life and all the rest of your body. remember, the thyroid is called
      the master gland.
      Your doc sounds very conservative. Many studies suggest that ATD’s be taken like 18 months.
      My friendly, competent and educating endo, put me on 10mg of Tapazole in Nov. I am already down to 2.5
      mgs and my symptoms and under control. My blood work is looking good!
      So, be encouraged. Remember that GD has many effects on you, don’t
      inadvertantly blame the meds for the symptoms that you start noticing
      in their fullness right about when you got sick enough to get diagnosed
      and begin treated. Tell your wife to be patient. My husband
      in his kindness and attentiveness to me while I was at my sickest, just earned my deeper trust and
      commitment levels. His “bank account” is overflowing and the interest is mounting!!
      Best wishes to you and yours. Hang in there…the drugs will block
      the hormones in your blood and you will feel better. The adverse effects are rare
      but the guidelines for concern are emphatic, so pay attention and
      plan on health! Jeannette

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