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      thank Bobbi
      this is the 2nd person in my family to have Graves in the last year
      my Mom has it also but anyway I know I try to be patient but it is hard
      may I ask you a very personal question
      I wont ask now but when you give the ok it is very personal
      thanks Audrey

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        Hi Bobbi,

        The information I was referring to was quoted in the actual letter
        drafted by Ms. Shirley Grose at http://thyroid.mining
        If you have a printout of the letter it is on page 3 of 4. The
        letter does mention- “(JAMA) entitled “Bioequivalence of Generic and
        Brand-name Levothyroxine Products in the Treatment of Hypothyroidism”

        When I went back in I had a hard time finding it myself
        but came across the above referenced that I previously read.
        I hope this helps and I always look forward to your input
        and knowledge on various thyroid topics.


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          Thanks for the info you sent on T3 half lives. I didn’t mean to
          flame at you or sound ungrateful, but I’ve just had a tough weekend
          moving my mother away from me and I don’t expect to see her alive again.
          I guess I over-reacted.
          I’m working on finding a new endo who will undertake a complete rediagnosis
          of all my thyroid-related problems. Also, seeing what my rights are
          with this HMO as far as finding out if my physician has a capitation
          agreement with them. I don’t think they are allowed to tell there

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