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      Hi Rachel! Somehow I missed reading your message – sorry for replying so late. To answer your questions: I never lost a day of work because of Graves’ symptoms, but I did take time off to go to doctor’s appointments. I chose to do my surgeries in the summer, which was convenient for me because school was off for the summer. As for payment, my insurance company (Blue Cross Blue Shield) covered all but my deductible payments. One thing the doctors at Mayo did was take pictures of my eyes to prove to the insurance companies that the surgery was needed. Thankfully, I was never denied. As a point of interest, my orbital decompression, extraocular muscle surgery, and eye lid retractions in ’93 cost approximately $25,000. My lid retraction in June ’96 cost about $3800, but that’s because I opted to have it done in the hospital. Next month I’m going for the quick and easy method in the clinic. Lid retraction is so minor compared to the other surgeries.

      Through it all, I’ve always felt healthy. Stress wise, I tend to worry about my students and teaching too much, and I still stay up too late. Things to work on . . .I personally have not experienced the hypo “crash” after RAI or depression. I guess this disease affects everyone differently. However, you WILL feel better eventually, it just takes time and patience – one day at a time. Most importantly, take care of your eyes. Protect them from the sun and use lubricant at night to help avoid the aches from dryness.

      I’ve been told by my doctors that once everything is under control (i.e. eyes), there is an extremely slim chance of any recurrence. And if I didn’t get the symptoms of shin knobs, rash, etc., I won’t be getting them now. Not to worry they said. I hope they’re right! Once I get my right eye adjusted in Oct. I feel like I’m in the home stretch! :)

      I hope you’re feeling fine. Keep in touch!


        Post count: 93172

        Gosh I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. This disease is bad enough
        without having to go through ending a relationship. Maybe you’ll feel
        better once that’s over though?? Please let me know if there is anything
        I can do!! Even if you just need to vent I’m here :>
        Keep in touch…

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