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      Hi Robin!

      I’m not sure that the exercise is the cause or that it actually boosts the immune system. Logically, I would think so, but I’m wondering if anyone else has information about this. I’m not going to quit exercising. I have a lot of weight to lose and I’m going to do it. The endo and optho docs are going to just have to take care of my eyes. I want to be healthy. It has caused me concern about recurring eye problems. But, I guess we Grave’s Disease patients have to live day to day and pray for the best. Hope this message finds you well. Thanks for the encouraging words.
      My best,

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        FFirst off, to be blunt, anybody who doesn’t want a “healthy” immune system is crazy, in my humble opinion. :) If your immune system is not healthy, you will be falling prey to every opportunistic bug that crosses your path. The very fact that some of us feel that Graves’ symtoms get WORSE when we are stressed out, shows that we all should want our immune systems to be in Jim Dandy shape. Stress has an ADVERSE effect on the workings of the immune system. That’s not only maybe what triggered the Graves, but that’s why people get colds, the flu, whatever, during periods of stress. Even “good” stress — like having a baby, or getting engaged, or planning a vacation can do this. So, if we allow our immune systems to go to pot, thinking that this somehow will lower the levels of the antibodies (is there ANY evidence that this is so??), we will not only be sick with Graves but we’ll be sick with lots of other things too.

        AAs far as exercise making the eyes swollen, I would think that it has more to do with increased blood flow to the tissues than to any other explanation. If there is a slight swelling somewhere, perhaps not even noticeable, it might become more pronounced with more blood flow. Just like we have a tendency to become flushed with exertion, from increased blood flow, our eye tissues, especially if they are swollen to begin with, might become slightly more swollen during exercise. Is this a temporary phenomenon, like skin flushing is? ARe you talking about external puffiness? Eye tissue is really sensitive, in general, especially the exterior parts. I wouldn’t use this as an excuse not to exercise, though. The exercise can only help us regain some of the health, and muscle tone, we lost when we were hyper.

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