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      Hi Robin!

      I’m so worried and a little frustrated about the same thing. When I started to eat right and exercise the last time, which was last year at this time, my eyes started getting bad. Then they put me on prednisone and I gave up on exercise and eating right (except for making sure I got enough calcium). Anyway, now that I’m off the prednisone and have had the eye radiation, I am feeling much better and have started a new regimen of exercise and eating healthy. But, my eyes have bothered me for the last two days. Wondering if it is Florida pollen, like Glynis said in an earlier post. But, I’m soooooo afraid of having the problems come back. I also wonder if the exercise boosts our immune system so that the antibodies go crazy again. This is disconcerting to me as I really want to get in shape and take care of my body. It seems that when my immune system is compromised, my eyes feel better. But, that’s not a great way to live. I’m having the eyelid surgery in the middle of June, but had the eye radiation in December of last year. So, I’m praying that all will be well. Friends have told me not to worry about problems that aren’t there, but when I get sinus problems, I do worry. Guess I’ll keep exercising and eating right and pray for God to take care of the rest. That’s all I can do — I’m afraid. Maybe someone else knows about the effects of exercise on the immune system? Sorry for the long post — I tend to be long-winded. Keep taking care of yourself.
      My best,

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