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      Thank you very much for your response. Your thoughts were very
      interesting. It never occured to me that exercise was boosting
      my immune system, which then turned against me again. I had eyelid
      surgery last December after my eyes had seemed stable for about 9 months.
      Then in April I started a regular exercise regiment, everything seemed
      great. About 3 weeks into it my eyes started to swell again and
      they got worse than ever. I developed double vision in my peripheral
      vision and some optic nerve damage in one eye. Luckily the optic nerve
      damage seemed to resolve itself within a couple of weeks and I narrowly
      escaped prednisone therapy and or radiation. I’m afraid to start
      exercising again. One thing I can’t stand about Grave’s disease is
      its’ unpredictable course, and the lack of information about it.
      It’s also difficult to make your body healthy and to feel good. I
      used to know my body much better. Good luck to you too. It sounds
      like we’ve gone through some similar symptoms.I wish you the best.

        Post count: 93172

        I know that this is an old topic–but I am new here and have been going
        through some old posts as this is simply the best BBS I have found on Graves’. And I have had this disease for six years, and have been through much of what you folks have gone through.

        I myself noticed in the past that when I exercised, my eyes got worse.
        As a matter of fact, my disease manifested itself when I was in the best shape of my life–lifting weights and walking 2 1/2 miles per day. Six months after I had gotten to that point I developed hyperthyroidism. Then two years later after walking ten miles in Alaska I developed the
        swelling of the eyes (opthalmalpathy?). I had been on PTU for two years after a partial thyroidectomy which didn’t quite do it.

        I found that exercise would make the eyelid resorption/retraction worse.
        Only by going up on PTU could I reverse this, and I finally stopped organized exercise. RAI seems to have stopped this somewhat–though new problems started after that (chemosis).

        My theory is this: the thyroid affects metabolism–and so does exercise.
        Hence, exercise speeds up the thyroid–and aggravates the eye problems in some people. I would be REALLY interested to know what you golks think about this as I have never seen this in any literature.

        Sorry about the length of this.

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