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      Swallowing pills is different from swallowing capsules. For pills, it helps if I tilt my head back, with the pill and a fairly big swallow of water in my mouth, until I can’t feel where the pill is, then one big GULP and its down. But that doesn’t work for capsules – they float! So you have to tilt your head forward – or better yet, take them at a water fountain, where you’re bending over. Again, big mouthful of water, the capsule floats toward the back of your mouth, get it where you can’t feel it, and gulp it all down at once.

      Works for me, and I used to be just awful at it.

      Good luck!

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        I too have had trouble in the past getting pills down. To remedy this, I would tilt my head back and place it way in the back of my mouth, almost to my throat and swollow. This always worked for me.

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          My pediatrician’s suggestion, when my son had trouble, was to buy him a bag of those candies with alphabet letters (the same letter connected with “&”) — with peanuts inside, and to have him practice with those. (The extent I go to to avoid using brand names……) ; )

          The pills I was given for the scan were not big, BTW. Good luck, Glynis.


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            When I was a kid I had trouble swallowing pills and my parents got mad
            at me when I was sick once and had antibiotics and couldn’t swallow pills
            They held me down on floor etc. (Were good parents but in this case it
            wasn’t the right thing to do!!) Anyhow consequently I still to this
            day have much trouble when the pill is larger. Now I am trying to take
            6 Calcium/Magnesium pills a day for my bones to help with losses due
            to Graves. They are so hard to swallow, tried breaking in half BUT
            they got stuck even worse and hurt! Some pills you can crush if have
            means to do so and put in jam etc. or juice. Can put in spoonful of
            pudding and swallow with pudding. Could also try chewing a piece of
            bread or such and chewing until want to swallow and than quickly
            putting pill in mouth.
            It never gets easy for me. I am literally scared to swallow- not easy
            to explain cause all it does is go to stomach!?!*

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              I am with you, Koke. Calcium pills aren’t easy to swallow. I don’t know if you are going to like it but I chew them, one at a time, and then drink some fruit juice. Also this way you are sure that the pill dissolves well in you stomac and can be absorved well. But I know we don’t all have the same tastes. I can tolerate chewing Ca pills but I couldn’t have done it with PTU!
              Denise E.

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                I thought I was alone as far as swallowing pills. I have trouble with the small ones aswell.

                I have not seen these calcium pills so I dont know how big they are.

                The only way I can swallow pills is to take them with fizzy drinks.
                The more bubbles the better.

                Try it, its much better than plain water.


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