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      Thanks for the kinds words. This thyroid stuff is hard work! Yeah, the
      scale dictates to me. Finding the time to work out is very hard so I
      get up before everybody elso and run and/or bike. I’ve read many of the
      other BB postings and empathize with those who find it difficult to work
      with Graves. I was tempted to take a leave of absence a couple of
      years ago after getting nuked ’cause I didn’t want to put the pounds back
      on (needed to work out ~2 hrs day and cut calories to about 800) and
      Graves was driving me crazy. I mentioned it to the boss who
      said, “Well if you gain back the 130 lbs, just wear mumus.”
      Some help he was. Well, I think I’ll put in a last few minutes on the
      treadmill and hit the sack. Good Luck Suzanne and Ann.

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        I hate to say this, but my nutritionist says that it’s twice as hard to lose weight when you have a thyroid problem. Of course, if you have hardware in your back like me, it’s twice as hard! I can’t do anything that upsets the joints, and everything I do does that. Why not talk to a nutritionist? There are also endo clinics that specialize in metabolism problems too.
        I also got some info from a nurse ( he was kinda cute too! chuckle..) who told me to keep up the hard work. Losing fat from the body: Your body will take off fat where it wants.Be patient. Also JR Jone’s info on the board inspired me so much that I’m really trying hard and excersizing. It also helps to say that a lot of us have the same problem.

        I also want to say thanks for everyone’s comments and helpful hints. Gotta run now, drank some lactose free milk and now it’s toilet city again!Let’s just say that I could probably put some people to sleep with this gas.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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