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      Okay, first lets make sure I gave you the right URL

      Is that what you tried? Lots of folks have found
      and answered the survey at this location. If that doesn’t
      work for you, email me and I’ll e-mail you the questions. hey
      I’ll type them up right here again.

      Name ( this will be confidential a colde in its place)

      Sex / Current AGE

      Location (State Abbreviation or your country)

      Onset Age/YEAR (ex 34/95)

      Symptoms WHILE HYPER ( LIST them Rapid Pulse….etc)

      Weight? Lost or Gained #$$%lbs

      Treatments with DATES ( PTU 11/ 95 for 18mo, RAI 12/96)

      Eye Symtoms

      Class I Elevation or retraction of upper lids, dryness or irritation
      (due to hyper state itself)

      Class II Soft Tissue Involvement. swelling of eyelids

      Class III Proptosis, Extophthalmos or Bulging

      Class IV Double Vision Diplopia

      Class V Exposed Cornea

      Class VI Optic Nerve Damage

      So tell me yes or no on each one and the DATE when the symptoms started.

      EVER HYPO? when and how long? (post RAI 2mo or ???)

      Other Diseases you have? List…..

      Special NOTES?????


      Okay. that basically is the survey. E-mail it to me.

      It is easier to do if you go to the URL because
      it is set up with lots of buttons, yes and no, but either
      way works. Bye for now, and hey, I was just teasing you
      no need to feel bad. But your case( if you will) SAS does sound plum full of info.
      Take care. Jeannette

        Post count: 93172

        Hi Jeanette – I just tried quickly to get the survey now. We are on our way out the door. The message says – This server does not have a DNS entry. What do I do now? Thanks. SAS

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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