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      Hi Wanda,

      There are stats out on getting the eye disease after the
      RAI. There are stats out on getting the eye disease if you
      are a smoker. I had the RAI and am a smoker. Yep, I got the
      eye disease almost 2 years after I got the RAI. My eyes
      were fine before that except for the occassional twitching.
      I bet your husband is right, that the twitching is from
      being tired!

      My sister has GD too. She got it in her late 20’s and I got
      in when I was 39. She had the RAI and is a smoker. I wish
      she was not a smoker so then I could blame getting the eye
      disease on heredity! What I mean is that I feel a little
      guilty that I possibly made myself sicker because I smoke.
      But then again I know this guy that has GD, he smokes and
      he his eyes are fine and he had the RAI.

      The decission as to what do is up to you. I can find the
      pages off the net that show the stats if you want them.

      Good Luck,
      Michele B.

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