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      Wow – I am so glad you guys posted. I have been looking for people who have elected surgery over RAI (or are seriously considering it). I, too, want another child or two (I have 2 now) and the thought of having RAI makes me very anxious (as does the thought of not being able to hold my kids up near my face for a week!). I’ve been weighing the pluses and minuses of all options. I am currently on the T drug and I found out today my T3 and T4 are finally normal(yeah)! Now do I wait to see if I can go in to remisssion (my endo says slim chance because my levels were really high). If I wait a year and don’t go into remission then I may have to put off pregnancy again (can’t take the P drug). If I elect RAI and am still hper after 6 months I may have to do it again and wait a year after the last RAI! If I elect surgery it is over and done more quickly but that carries risks, too. My endo is affiliated with a great taching hospital and their top surgeon would do the procedure. My endo said that surgery used to be the treatment of choice for Graves but any thyroid tissue left can become overactive even after surgery. He said a total thyroidectomy would be necessary. He is providing me with info and letting me choose, even though he clearly thinks RAI is the way to go (Surgery without a cut, he says). I was beginning to think I was crazy for considering surgery as an option and then I read your postings! I would love to chat about it more. If you want to email me, please do! Also, good luck with surgery and let me know how it goes!!


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