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      I would post this by e-mail but I think a lot of others would be interested. I saw my doctor today and after reeling off the list of ongoing symptoms he reccommended surgery. (Ive got a large goitre) He’s practically got me booked in. I notice in your next post you mention that your speech disorders etc still arent OK so Im wondering what other issues there are with surgery. As someone who knows a lot about it maybe you can answer the following:

      1. What symptoms do you still have ( no matter how small as they vary in intensity between persons)
      2. What thyroid hormone substitute do you use and what side effects does it have?
      3. What happens if you dont take the substitute?
      4. What are the risks with surgery that you experienced (if any)?

      I would really be interested. Anyone else who has been through it, please tell us what you think.


        Post count: 93172

        The speech (aphasia) problems are common to the disease and not an
        outcome of any particular treatment.
        I experienced no problems with either surgery. The latest was over 30 years
        ago, so what I experienced as far as hospital stays or follow up treatment
        would have little relevance in todays very different world.
        Most people in the US have anti-thyroid medications or RAI, which is
        the treatment of choice today. In other countries, RAI is not used as
        much. Japan the least RAI by far.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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