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      Dear Dawna re carpel tunnel and Sue re; diet and water

      Dawna, I had carpel tunnel way long time ago. My doc was conservative, and I wore a brace for 2 years round the clock and an addtional year at night only. Took a good while, but now if I get a twinge of it, I brace it at night, but that happens about once every 2 years. I did it last 2 years ago, and doesn’t seem related to my case of GD. My doc also told me to supplement with vit C for its antinflammitory qualities, and B6 for the same regarding nerves. He had me take a high dose of B6 for a week, and then if I noticed that it helped, said I could take it up to 2 more weeks, but then stop so that the B vitamins don’t get unbalanced. It did work for me. Ask him about this. My doc said that the operation works for some, and that some are really happy.

      Sue, I am on the Weight Watchers program, for the last 4 weeks. My progress was – .5 lb, and that was over the Christmas holiday. I had done it about 3 years ago, and lost 25 of the many I had to learn. Starting from that point now. As to water, we need more water than we typically get, so if 8 glasses of water seems a chore I have found that if I fill a water bottle and pour myself 4 oz every half hour or so, it is really easy. As to the water retention, it seems to release after your body has been re hydrated, don’t know why. My endo said that while we were hyper, we were essentially on a crash diet, and that once we (still) have weight to lose after we are stable, it is not any magic resistant weight, but it will come off with good habits and a slow approach. Don’t worry, get healthy. Enjoy your veggies! Karen

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